Benefits of Pilates

Pilates can Improve:-






And Confidence

The class is structured into the following:-

Looking at your posture

Working on core engagement

Lateral breathing

Warming up the body.

Balance work.

Strengthening your body

Stretching your body.

During my classes I get you looking and and thinking about your posture. Having the correct posture is crucial in helping to prevent muscular imbalances, pain and even injury.

Strengthening your core can also help to prevent muscular imbalances, pain and injury. The core is the centre of your body, every movement of your body starts from the centre.

I teach you to lateral breathe where you inhale fresh air through your nose then exhale stale air through your mouth. It is important to breathe fully to really oxygenate your body.

It is important to warm up your body before you start any exercises to gently prepare your muscles and your joints and gradually increase your heart rate.

Working on your balance can help with your daily tasks by improving your mobility and keep you more stable.  Good balance can also help to prevent trips and falls.

Pilates aims to strengthen all of your body, starting at your core, the centre of your body helping to prevent injuries, aches and pains. The strength exercises are slow and controlled, working at your own pace and ability.

After each strength exercise you will stretch out the muscles you have worked and we will always end the class with stretching exercises.  Stretching increases flexibility and range of movement in the muscles and joints which can improve mobility and reduce muscle tension.IMG_3957